Two fees are required in order to receive your medical marijuana card; the state fee and an office visit payment fee. Office visit payment can be made in a way that is convenient for you via debit/credit cards and/or cash. However, the state accepts payment only through Debit or Credit Visa/Master card payment. The state fee will be charged to your card only when your application is submitted to the state ONLINE.


         All applications to the state are filed as a courtesy and NO extra cost is charged!

**For patients without prior medical records, an assessment is required prior to certification**

**Please call our office at 480-253-9533, our office staff will explain the multiple options we provide for the assessment visit**

Office visit Fee:

New patient: $125

Renewal: $110


State Fee:

New and Renewal: $150

Food stamps New/Renewal: $75



New Patient: $275

Renewal: $260

New patient on food stamps: $200

Renewal patient on food stamps: $185

**These prices do not include the assessment visit fee for patients with no prior medical records**


Documentation to bring to your visit:

It is important to bring any medical documentation (from previous physician visits, chiropractic visits, etc) that supports your diagnosis or condition.

If you are on food stamps you will need to bring your current EBT card with your name on it or a recent approval letter from EBT with your name on it.

*State will not accept EBT cards without the applicant’s name on it. In this case please bring your recent approval letter with your full name printed.

All patients need to bring a valid form of identification from the list below:

  • Arizona Driver’s license
  • Arizona Identification card
  • US passport book
  • US passport card
  • Registry Identification Card.

*It is mandatory to submit valid identification document to the state as part of the application process.



Our monthly discount offers

New patient fee: $99

Renewal patient fee: $99


Offer valid through August 31st, 2017.

**Does not include the assessment fee for patients without prior medical records.

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